Thursday, May 14, 2009

Getting A New Camera Is AWESOME!

We finally received our tax check, which seemed like forever to get, thanks to our "wonderful" tax guy. Please note, "wonderful" is meant sarcastically. We won't be going to that tax guy again, but that's a whole different story. Anyway, I've only been wanting a new camera since around Christmas time, maybe sooner. I had it picked out what I wanted, a Canon SD880 IS. We walk into Best Buy, armed with info, ready to get the camera, only to find they got rid of that model. The sales guy said that was last years model. I was disappointed, until he pointed out the Canon SD960 IS. It was similar to my camera I wanted, except better. More upgrades, better technology, and it was on sale for what the other one costs full price. After some shameless begging of my husband, and a slight guilt trip for making me wait so long to get it, I got the better one!

Once I get it home, all charged up and ready to go, I find out that this camera ROCKS!! In every sense of the word. Not only do I get much clearer, better pics, but it has a better flash that reaches more distances, better zoom quality, and awesome features to play with. So this edition is nothing but shameless exploitation of my kids showing off how well my new camera can capture them!

Isn't she cute!!! And look at that pic quality! Very clear!!

Ok, you got me here. This isn't my kid, obviously. But look at how awesome this nature shot is!! Hello Mr. Toad!

Then, of course, you got the typical things like Sepia toning.

We can't forget my favorite new effect, Color Accent. I'm already using and abusing the crap out of it. But I LURVE it!

I know those are small, but the purpose of the 4 in a row is to show you how fast my camera can take the pics. A bouncing 2 year old is the perfect subject to try that out on. I think it's pretty good!!

Last, but not least, for your viewing pleasure, my favorite shooting mode, in collage form. Just because I love it!

P.S. I definitely recommend this camera for purchase!!