Thursday, June 30, 2011

New House, New Times!

It's been a while since I've updated... I think it said Feb. 2010... Oops. I lot has happened since then, including the big move we had! We finally have a house to fit our family! It's in town, which is a nice change from the isolation of the farm. The kids and I take walks around the duck pond close by, take in the PBJ festival every Friday, and enjoy visiting the local shops.

Abby had to move to a new school mid year, but adjusted with no problems. She even ended her year with a perfect report card!

Emma had to leave Pre-K mid year and she was a little sad about that. Instead, she's become my awesome helper and practices her singing and dancing all day. I think she has high aspiration that I hope she can reach!

Jacob has grown so much. He's completely potty trained and has been for a while now (like mid 2010). He loves to go farming with his daddy, he's pretty much Nate's mini-me. He has screening scheduled for Pre-K in the fall, so hopefully he can get in on that!

Catelyn has grown and matured so much so fast. She's already 2 1/2 and follows her sisters around everywhere they go. She can talk your ear off, I think because she has to fight to talk around here. lol We are starting to work on potty training, but she's more interested in getting the reward at the end and not on doing the job to get the reward.

As for Nate and I, not much changed here. He's still working all the time, dairy farm and all. The move really hasn't hampered his driving time. In fact, he gets to come home and see us all for a little bit for lunch now! We enjoy any time we get with him! I tried going back to work in Oct 2010, loved the job but the state, being as poor as it is, said we made to much money to qualify for aid. My bi-weekly paycheck only paid for 1 week of daycare. Not worth it, plus the kids and I were really strained, so that ended after a month trial. Now I've been focused on fixing up the new house and my little business I've set up, Stitch Fairy. Plenty to keep me busy for a while! I will try to update more later, but now the kids are starting to get hungry for lunch! ;)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wow I'm WAYYYYYYYYY Behind!!

Man, I didn't even get in a January post at all. I guess that means I fail the Project 365! But I'll try to get up recent pics. I'm so far behind I didn't put Christmas pics up. I got them up on Facebook (like a month late there even) If you go to this link below, you should be able to see them all (just click the pic for a larger size and press the arrow key to scroll through)

Christmas Pictures

The reason I've been neglecting my blog is I went back to school last month to get my Bachelor's in Elementary Ed at SIUE so I've had tons of homework just between 2 classes (so glad I'm only taking 2!!!).

Also, I've been doing a lot of crocheting. Updated my website, Stitch Fairy, to include my crochet creations. I've had a few sales, so I'm working on getting those done. I also plan to add more items so check back. I may even have to opportunity to sell at a local baby boutique!

And yes, in between all that, I have my wonderful kids! They keep me busy as well, but they also like to help me with all my projects. I think they may be crafty like their momma! Abby's wanting me to teach her how to crochet and she's already practicing some finger crochet. Emma loves to draw and does some great art work already. Jake is less crafty inclined, but if it involves helping his momma, he's there (BIG momma's boy!). Catey just takes it all in.

And if you made it through all of that, I shall reward you with recent pics of the kiddos!! hehe! Granted, these aren't as recent as I'd like, since I've not been taking as many pics here lately! Sorry!

Awww, don't they look so sweet! Don't let them fool you! lol

What a good big sister! She got her baby sister to sleep and held her!

He was putting on Abby's jammies and saying he was Abby. What a silly boy! (I don't think he expected a pic)

Wrestling with daddy. I think daddy got ganged up on!

Look at how big my little princess is getting! Just chillin in Emma's chair!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Catelyn!

Finally, I get a birthday on the day it happens (besides Emma.. lol). I can't believe that a year has flown by already and my little baby girl, Catelyn, is 1 year old! That means I've been doing this blog for over a year. If you may remember, when I started, she was and it, still in my belly. And I really thought SHE, was a HE. Boy, was I surprised! But I absolutely love my baby girl all the same. So here it is, one year after my last little baby was born.

Here she is, my biggest baby, weighing in at 8lbs 12oz. Do you know how happy I am she was a c-section!!! lol
Catey at 3 months old, still the chubby, but adorable girl!
Rolling around at 6 months. She's a lazy girl and could care less if or when she gets around. She's got 2 sisters, a brother, and parents to do everything for her!
Getting ready to party for Emma's birthday at 9 months. She looks so big. And look at those curls!
Catey this morning, on her birthday! My little 1 year old girl! Please don't mind the chocolate milk stains on her shirt. That's from her newly discovered talent... spitting her drink out after she takes a mouthful... oy

Happy Birthday to My Baby Girl, Catelyn!!!

Happy Belated Birthday to Jacob!

Only 2 1/2 weeks late, but finally I'm getting this one up! Coming here shortly is Catelyn's too, because today is her b-day. lol But anyway, here's my sweet little boy through his 2 years of life!

My sweet little baby boy, the day he was born. Weighing in at 6lbs 6oz. A small start, but he grew so quickly!
He learned quickly that he wanted to get down and chase his sisters!
And torture them too! I think here he abused his 1st birthday power to beat up on Abby.
He LOVES playing outside!!!
Jake on his 2nd birthday, getting his favorite, Elmo! He's getting to be such a big little man!

Happy Birthday to My Big Boy, Jacob!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Abigale!

Unfortunately, my computer was in the shop when my oldest baby turned 5 years old! You may have caught on the banner the change, and you've seen the birthday pics. I'd like to go back through the past and share some pics of my Abigale as she grew through the years! I'll try not to bombard you, but we're talking 5 years to go through here! Not too bad... not quite 2 weeks late.

Baby Abigale Ann. Born December 9th, 2004, weighing in at a measly 5lbs 4oz. Tiny, but filled our hearts with love!
And then she grew and grew. Abby at about 6 months.
Abby's 1st Birthday Party. I think she liked the cake!
Then she got bigger and started looking more like a little lady! Getting ready to go out and party here!
Abigale's 2nd Birthday. She grows so fast!
2 1/2 here. She's always been the light of our life!
Abby celebrating her 3rd Birthday at Olive Garden! What a good choice!
Abby always loves spending time with her Aunt Keli!
Abby's 4th Birthday! Exactly 3 weeks before she became a big sister for the 3rd time!
After she got her hair chopped off for Locks of Love. Our girl has such a big heart!
Abby around her 5th birthday! She's all primped and ready to go to her Christmas Concert!
Happy Birthday to My Big Girl Abigale!!!

(Be on the lookout for a Jacob Birthday post very soon!)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Project 365 - Day 190 to 200

On December 9th, 2009, I became a mom of 4, ages 5 and under! My oldest girl turned 5. Poor thing had a bit of a cold on her birthday, but it didn't stop her from having a good one all the same!

Here she is right after school, with her birthday crown. She got to hand out treats and have a party at school!
Poor sick girl was so tuckered out, her and her sister took a nap together on the couch.
Present time! She did get excited for that.
"What's this!"
She was so happy to get her Easy Bake Oven. She's been wanting a "Maker" for ever!
Jake and Catey got too impatient for daddy to open the box, so Jake took matters into his own hands (NOTE: that's a toy play knife that comes with the fake food sets you can cut in half the items.)
Licking the bowl while her first cake bakes!
Impatient hooligans can't wait for cake!
Frosting her cake.
Look, Abby made her own birthday cake! Lets sing "Happy Birthday!"
My big girl is 5! Look at that beautiful cake she made!

Project 365 - Day 184 to 189

Here are a few pics of the kids opening birthday presents (and a just because present for Em) from their Great Great Aunt and Uncle. The love their gifts! And please don't mind the kitchen mess. The kids couldn't wait to open their presents.

Everyone saying cheese real quick before opening their gifts!
Tearing into them. Catey's says "Hey, what about me!"
Breaking into the good stuff!
Checking it all out!
Jake likes his jammies!
Catey checking out her present!

Up next, Abby's birthday!

Project 365 - Day 175 to 183

As promised, here are the St. Nicholas Day pictures. I didn't get them up yesterday because I spent all day on my sugar cookies, and boy are they good! Got 2 more kinds to make today and then I should be done. Gonna hate to see the scale come January!

Just got up, patiently waiting for mom to take their pic so they can dig in!
Oooh, straw cups!
I think Abby was excited about this one and Jake thought that was funny!
Catey finally got her lazy butt out of bed to get her stocking.
A bug for a bug.
"What is this thing?!"
"Hmmmm, I'm going to get into this somehow! Wait, is that food!!!"
"It is!!!!!"
This look on her face just cracks me up! She finally got the goods!