Thursday, June 30, 2011

New House, New Times!

It's been a while since I've updated... I think it said Feb. 2010... Oops. I lot has happened since then, including the big move we had! We finally have a house to fit our family! It's in town, which is a nice change from the isolation of the farm. The kids and I take walks around the duck pond close by, take in the PBJ festival every Friday, and enjoy visiting the local shops.

Abby had to move to a new school mid year, but adjusted with no problems. She even ended her year with a perfect report card!

Emma had to leave Pre-K mid year and she was a little sad about that. Instead, she's become my awesome helper and practices her singing and dancing all day. I think she has high aspiration that I hope she can reach!

Jacob has grown so much. He's completely potty trained and has been for a while now (like mid 2010). He loves to go farming with his daddy, he's pretty much Nate's mini-me. He has screening scheduled for Pre-K in the fall, so hopefully he can get in on that!

Catelyn has grown and matured so much so fast. She's already 2 1/2 and follows her sisters around everywhere they go. She can talk your ear off, I think because she has to fight to talk around here. lol We are starting to work on potty training, but she's more interested in getting the reward at the end and not on doing the job to get the reward.

As for Nate and I, not much changed here. He's still working all the time, dairy farm and all. The move really hasn't hampered his driving time. In fact, he gets to come home and see us all for a little bit for lunch now! We enjoy any time we get with him! I tried going back to work in Oct 2010, loved the job but the state, being as poor as it is, said we made to much money to qualify for aid. My bi-weekly paycheck only paid for 1 week of daycare. Not worth it, plus the kids and I were really strained, so that ended after a month trial. Now I've been focused on fixing up the new house and my little business I've set up, Stitch Fairy. Plenty to keep me busy for a while! I will try to update more later, but now the kids are starting to get hungry for lunch! ;)