Thursday, December 17, 2009

Project 365 - Day 175 to 183

As promised, here are the St. Nicholas Day pictures. I didn't get them up yesterday because I spent all day on my sugar cookies, and boy are they good! Got 2 more kinds to make today and then I should be done. Gonna hate to see the scale come January!

Just got up, patiently waiting for mom to take their pic so they can dig in!
Oooh, straw cups!
I think Abby was excited about this one and Jake thought that was funny!
Catey finally got her lazy butt out of bed to get her stocking.
A bug for a bug.
"What is this thing?!"
"Hmmmm, I'm going to get into this somehow! Wait, is that food!!!"
"It is!!!!!"
This look on her face just cracks me up! She finally got the goods!

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