Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I do hate making something like this public, but it was really to funny not to share.

We live in a very old farm house. Like close to 100 years old. As you can imagine, we get all sorts of critters and creepy crawlies in here that we have to constantly combat. Fun stuff, let me tell you.

So today, I was in the living room feeding our youngest, the 2 older girls were playing in their room, and the son was in his bed napping. All of a sudden, I hear Emma, my 2 year old, scream at the top of her lungs. I can hear her start to bawl and scream all at once. I thought she had been seriously injured. I was telling her to come out to the living room, so she could tell me what's wrong. Nothing, in fact, the more I'd ask her to come out, the more she'd scream and cry even harder. I was getting really worried, thinking something was really seriously wrong with her. I laid Catey down on the couch (since her brother was safely put away in his bed!), to which she started to cry, getting interrupted while she was eating.

In the girl's room, I find Emma not in some compromised situation, not bleeding, not bruised, not contorted anyway. No, she was standing in the far corner, her back pressed as close to the wall as humanly possible, still bawling and screaming. Her eyes were fixated on a spot right next to her bed, a look of horror on her face. I was so confused, so I asked her to come to me. She started to move, looked at the spot, shrieked and backed right up against the wall again, bawling even harder. I knew I had to investigate. I made my way through the mess of toys, and climbed on top of her bed, looking in the area that she had kept her eyes on. I didn't see anything but toys and more toys, then I saw something move. That startled me for a second, until my eye focused in on a little bug. ICK! As it moved, Emma freaked out even more.

I had to stop myself from completely doubling over in laughter, as I realized my poor little girl was still crying in fear. I told her to stay where she was and calm down, mommy was going to get the bug. I'm sorry to the PETA people, but this next part would be considered graphic to them. I had Abby run out to the living room to get me a Kleenex, while I was trying to calm Emma down. Abby was very quick and I made haste to catch and squish the bug, making sure Emma saw it all so she wouldn't think I was tricking her. Then I let her watch me take the wadded up Kleenex to the bathroom and flush it down the toilet. Catey was happy when I came back to finish feeding her, after all drama was squashed!

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  1. LOL Awww Poor Emma. That sucks.. I hate bugs too.. LOL Hayden would of been playign with it and brought it to me so i would scream :)