Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Project 365 - Day 162 to 174

As promised, here's the first batch of make up pictures. I'm not really sure how many days behind I am, but whatever number I end up at when I'm done going through my latest pics will be the new count. This is the first 13 or so, going from Thanksgiving to before St. Nicholas Day. I'll do a separate St. Nick Day post next. These are mostly random pics!

Thanksgiving Day, Abby and Emma put on a little show before our dinner. Jake wanted to get in on the action too!
Emma, finally let him wear her hat so he could sing too!
Catey and her Great Grandma on Thanksgiving!
The girls waiting for the Christmas parade to start.
Here is comes!!! They were getting so excited when they saw the lights.
Watching the parade go by.
Daddy made it out of milking early enough to come watch the parade too! YAY!
I have weird kids! That's all I can say!
These two got some kind of trouble brewing.
I could not believe that these 3 were getting along and sharing a blanket together!
Jake and Abby. These two look so much alike!
The artist and her beautiful work of art! See below for a further explanation of her masterpiece.
Here's the lovely drawing Abby drew. On the left hand side is the toilet, the middle is Catelyn, and the right side is me. This is a picture of Catelyn sticking her hands in the toilet, then me trying to get her out of it, but can't because she's sticking her butt in my face! Such imagination! lol

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