Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Project 365 - Day 47

Sunday was beautiful outside, so what better thing to do than go to the Zoo! We met up with my friend Christina and her family! She's got the cutest little boy, BTW! Here's a few pics from that day.

Here's the whole group. Catey, Christina, and David are all kind of hiding, but you can see a bit of them!

Then after walking a little bit, we decided to let the kids ride the big Merry-Go-Round. I couldn't get great pics of them all, but I thought this was cute! Jake and Grandma!

This is like the only pic I got of Chris and David... darn it! I got Catey too, so I got the 3 missing from the first pic!

Finally, the end of the trip. The kids were hot, so they decided to cool off in the water fall!

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