Monday, July 27, 2009

Project 365 - Day 51, 52, and 53

You may have noticed I was MIA this weekend. We went on a small family vacation and had a blast around St. Louis! I didn't get up pictures on the days we were gone, so instead, I'll make up by bombarding you with 3 days worth of pics today!

First stop on our family vacation, Magic House! This place is just awesome! The kids get to play and use their imagination all day! The first thing they did was pretend they were in a fairy tale!

Outside they had a little wading pool thing. It was so cool. Emma and Jake decided they didn't just want to wade!

President Abby is addressing the press!

I don't know if I want her in charge of important decisions!

President Jake is schmoozing the public!

Catey is having fun too!

Back at the hotel, Abby was goofing around!

Catey hiding in her pillow fort! But really, this is the only way we can get this lazy baby to sit up on her own!

The entrance to the Butterfly House! This place is really beautiful, I love it! My new favorite place!

Family pic at the Butterfly House. Of course, it's impossible to get everyone in my family of 6 to look at the camera!

I really want a bench like this! A scrap metal place donated it to the Butterfly House!

Being surrounded by roaches don't scare them! They try to scare them away!

Jake and Grandpa outside the Old Spaghetti Factory! We met my parents and family there for lunch!

Uncle Seth, Aunt Keli, and Emma outside the Old Spaghetti Factory!

After we ate, we took a walk to the Arch! Abby standing below the Arch! I love this shot!

Emma in front of the Arch! Also love this shot!

Stand right next to the Arch!

I also uploaded a few "Artsy" shots here!

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