Thursday, November 5, 2009

Project 365 - Day 146 to 153

I know I'm about 5 days late, but here are our Halloween pics. I've been busy between now and then and hadn't had a chance to put them up. Today I finally get a chance to relax a bit and show them off!

Here's my little Abby fairy!

Emma fairy and Spiderman!

The happiest little witch I've seen!

Part of our Trick or Treating group! Sandra Dee, Wolverine, Emma fairy, and Abby fairy.

Emma looking for the next candy hot spot!

Playing in the leave after Trick or Treating! What a fun night!

Look at the little leaf fairy!

Jake loves his Spiderman costume so much, he wears it all the time! Even as I type this, he's got it on!

Two cute sisters relaxing together!!!

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