Monday, November 9, 2009

Project 365 - Day 154 to 157

Woohoo, I'm getting a fairly recent update up here!!

First and foremost! Nate's cousin entered their triplets into a Halloween Costume Contest. They've made it to the top 40! Could you all please help them out by going to this site and voting for #6! The voting poll is on the right hand side. Lets see if we can get those girls to First Place!!!!

Now on to the pics! The other day, the big girls and I were goofing around. They wanted me to style them all up like in a beauty shop. So I did their hair and makeup! They loved it. Abby even asked if she could wear makeup next time we go somewhere (to that I said "No"). Anyway, here's Ab and Em all dolled up!

Catey was sitting on my lap earlier that day, her hair all a mess in her face. I happened to grab my hair clip and put her hair up. She looked too cute! I think she liked being able to see!

This last one is something I'm pretty proud of. Some of you may not know already, but this upcoming Spring I'll be attending SIUE for my Elementary Education degree. I'll be taking it a bit slow at first to get back into the swing of things, but I plan to be graduated by Spring 2014! Lets hope everything goes as planned. Anyway, since I'm officially a student again, here's my ID! I'm a Cougar! lol
Oh and P.S., If anyone is free for a few hours of babysitting on Monday evenings, wouldn't be more than 2 hours, please let me know!!!

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