Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Special Project!!!

If the polls are malfunctioning at all for you, please feel free to just comment to the post with your number you choose, or get a hold of me and let me know your choices. For some reason, they seem to act screwy, then they end up being ok. Not sure what's going on with that!
Alright, I need participation from everyone that reads my blog, from today until Friday Morning! This Special Project will take place of Project 365 Days 158 - 161. I won't be making a new 365 post until later Friday or Saturday (depending on when I get a chance).

Below is a carry over from Facebook. I had did some "photo shoots" of the kids for Christmas Cards yesterday. I posted all the good pictures I had on Facebook for all my friends and family to vote ("Like" or "Comment") on. Below I have made separate blog posts for each of the kids. All of the top pictures are numbered. Below the pictures at the bottom of each blog entry is a poll. What I need everyone to do is look through the pictures and vote on which one you like the most! The polls will close on Friday and the winners will be used for our Christmas Cards! (The number is above the picture it corresponds to.)

Thank you for all the help weeding these ones out. And thank you in advance for voting for your favorites! I know I'm to bias to pick one favorite, so you all are helping me big time! Just scroll down to see the pics and vote!

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