Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Project 365 - Day 109 Happy Birthday Emma!!

Well, today marks the day my big girl Emma turns 3! She's so excited that she's a big girl now! To mark the special occasion, I'm going to bombard you with Emma pics! Enjoy!

A little Emma collage I made a while back. I think these pics range from her first 3 months.

Her birthday, September 22, 2006. At 8:49 p.m. CST, our little 6 lb 11 oz bundle of joy came into the world!
She got big fast! She loved to eat her toes!
This is what we like to call the Emma-hawk. Her little curls on top her head made the perfect Mohawk!
Rolling around on the floor being cute!
Her first birthday party! What a mess! lol
Walking all over the place!
Getting even bigger!
Love the pigtails! They remind me of Teddy Bear ears! lol
This was a fun pic. Aunt Keli was playing with her and flipping her upside down. Her hair would go all crazy like that... so I took the pic and flipped it like this. Love it! lol
Princess Emma LOVES to dress up!
Her 2nd birthday! I thought she was getting big then!
My amazing friend Tina, owner of Terrano Photography, came and took some pics of the kids. Em's such a little model!
My princess again, getting bigger!
Em and her crazy hair before she got her hair cut. She loves it shorter now! What a big girl!
Emma today, on her birthday. Dressing up again! What a big girl!

Happy 3rd Birthday Emma!!!
My Big Girl!

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  1. Awwww, she's such a big girl! Happy Birthday sweet Em, I hope you have a wonderful day honey! :)