Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Project 365 - Day 92 thru 95

I think your getting used to this by now, I fell behind. We had a busy 4 day weekend with Abby and then a miserable Sunday, when all of us were hit with the flu bug. Mommy and Daddy we're napping in shifts, that's how bad we were. Thankfully we got most of the bug out of here, trying to air the rest of it out with the cooler morning weather. In the mean time, I'll catch you up over the weekend and then share an extra post just for today, later.

This first pic is actually from Wed, but I thought it was too cute not to throw in. We went to the park with some friends. Emma always loves to play with her "best friend Alexa." Their actually cousins, but who's counting! lol When we got to the park, these girls wouldn't hardly part. And to make sure they didn't they held hands the whole time!

I had made the kids some hats. Actually it started out, I made myself one, just because I thought his new pattern looked cool. Then Nate wanted one, then Abby, Emma, Jake, so on. So we all have brand new hats for winter. Anyway, the 2 girls wanted to show off theirs!

There are moments when it's just too precious not to capture. Daddy reading a story to his kids was one of them. Especially this particular story, because it used to be one of his favorites when he was a kid! Of course, as soon as I whipped the camera out, Jake was "cheesin." But originally, both kids were hypnotized by the story!

Finally, I'll conclude with a little treat. Here's a video taken the other day of Catey trying to crawl across the floor. As of last night, this video became outdated. She's no longer trying to crawl, but is crawling!!! Still it's a cute video of her regardless!!

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