Monday, September 28, 2009

Project 365 - Day 110 through Day 115

It's been a little busy around here with Emma's birthday, party prep, and party. Here are a few highlights of our last week. Again the pics are a little centered around Emma, but she has been the star of the show all week!

All the kids on Em's b-day waiting for Daddy to bring in Em's present! They're so cute!

On Em's birthday, she got a Beauty Salon from Mom and Dad, can you see she LOVES IT! She likes to pretend to do our hair, so this was a definite hit!

My best friend Kyla sent Em an awesome package in the mail. Here she is trying on her b-day tiara and new coat. She's such a ham!

Catey all ready to party on Saturday! She's just too cute!

Em blowing out her candles at the party! We had an awesome turn out! I loved getting to see everyone there. Em loved all her gifts!

Playing with some of her new gifts! She's just too cool for me!

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  1. The cake is awesome, we almost got that one for Aaliyah's!! Em looks like she had a blast and super happy with everything :)